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Consumer Law Practice & Procedure

This course helps you defend your rights and prepare your case as a lawyer or aspiring lawyer by guiding you through the Consumer Protection Act. This course has been carefully developed to strike a healthy balance between theory and practice, allowing learners to apply the law to facts by comprehending not only the legal requirements but also the method followed by consumer courts across the country.

Certificate Course on Insolvency Law Practice and Procedure

The course touches upon the entire practical framework and also deals with the functionality required for complying with it. The IBC Course is a joint effort by the S&M Partners, Chambers of Swaroop George, and Maestro Legal with the objective to create awareness of ‘the issues related to insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation’.

Certificate Course on How to Excel in Moot Courts, Mock Trial and ADR Competitions

A perfect course to learn every fold of mooting skills and excel in moot courts. S&M Partners brings home the mooters with impeccable track record of sweeping through one of the most renowned moot courts of the nation and worldwide. Get nurtured from mooters who have tremendous experience of mooting in law school over years.

Online Certificate Course on Legal Drafting

Legal education being a professional education for dispense of justice is incomplete without the skills of drafting.

Criminal Law Practice & Procedure Course

Criminal Law has always been at the heart of the legal field. It is one such field that requires deep study and tons of experience to master. Some of the top lawyers of the country have been able to achieve these high standards only and only because of their excellence in criminal law.

Certificate Course on Family Law & Practice

This Course on Family Law covers in-depth knowledge about the realm of family law which include contents of the religion-based laws and number of acts that are applied by the courts in overseeing the family law matters.